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Variety 6 Pack Candied Salmon-Jerky: 2x Original, 2x Maple, 2x Garlic & Pepper

Variety 6 Pack Candied Salmon-Jerky: 2x Original, 2x Maple, 2x Garlic & Pepper

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  • HEALTHY SNACKS – Our Candied Smoked Salmon Jerky is Gluten Free & perfect for your keto food diet. It is very high in proteins at 24 grams per package, super low in carbs and it’s absolutely packed with Omega-3. Your body will thank you for choosing this healthy snack.
  • AMAZINGLY TASTY –Our fish snacks have just the right blend of flavors, whether you prefer the natural flavor or a seasoned flavor. And if you need an easy appetizer, the salmon jerky will be a great crowd pleaser.
  • ON-THE-GO – imagine you are camping, hiking, working, in the gym or on a road trip, this conveniently sized package is the perfect sized snack for you. Bringing family or friends along? Better get a few extra packages!
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – there’s nothing to hide in this product. You can read and understand all the ingredients.  Locally harvested Atlantic salmon, and pure natural Wood smoke from locally grown Alder trees.  Non - GMO
  • READY TO EAT – the salmon jerky snacks do not require any refrigeration and are ready to eat right out of the package. Quick meal or snack? We’ve got you covered, just open, eat and enjoy!

Healthy Snack

The salmon jerky snacks are jam-packed with goodness in a convenient re-sealable package. This amazingly delicious low carb fish treat comes full of protein and Omega-3’s, and your body is guaranteed to thank you with a burst of energy.


Everything is natural, whether it’s the fresh Atlantic salmon, spices or the all-natural Alder wood smoke, and it’s made right here in Canada on Vancouver Island, BC.

Gluten sensitive? No problem, as the products are all gluten free. None of the ingredients are GMO.

Oh, So Tasty

The salmon jerky’s natural flavor is guaranteed to be a favorite. You can use it as a starter or side dish for brunch or lunch, and you can use it as a topping on your salad. You can also give this little gourmet treat as a gift to someone!

The jerky is great as a quick bite or served on a charcuterie board if you are having family over for dinner, or you are entertaining for a group of your friends.


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